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How to disable Proton and get Firefox 89 back to good old shape?  - Živě.cz

How to disable Proton and get Firefox 89 back to good old shape? – Živě.cz

When Mozilla released Firefox 89 with the new Proton user interface a week ago, it caused a lot of discontent among our readers as well. We have good news for such, the original look can still be returned. But it has two hooks.

The first is that the design will not be exactly the same as in Firefox 88 and earlier. The new icons will remain faded, the title bar 2 pixels higher and other details. The second is that going back to the old design is just an experimental setup that will likely wear off over time.

However, if you don’t have a problem with it, just enter it in the address bar About: config, accept the warning and find the recalled items proton, it finds six records.

  • browser.proton.contextmenus.enabled
  • browser.proton.doorhangers.enabled
  • browser.proton.enabled
  • browser.proton.modals.enabled
  • browser.proton.places-tooltip.enabled
  • browser.proton.toolbar.version

For those who have value real (first four), double-click to change to False. Firefox changes suddenly without having to restart the browser.

As mentioned above, this setting may disappear over time and only Mozilla will support Proton. After that, all you have to do is get used to or use a Firefox branch, which, however, has other drawbacks. Pale Moon uses Firefox 4-28 search. Basilisk or Waterfox then Firefox 29-59 look.

Biology: On AskVG Note this in the experimental setup About: config It is also an item that reverts to compact display mode. Just looking for a record and change it from wrong to real. Buck v Ribbon and button settings (Right-click in the upper frame of the window) Take a look at the lower menu bar size. Select default instead built. This view mode narrows the bars and window frame, leaving more room for pages.

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