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How to download the latest version of Minecraft for iPhone and how to download the original Minecraft for Android apk

download Minecraft , Minecraft game It is one of the most popular and entertaining arcade games especially for youngsters and kids. It provides players with an atmosphere of adventure and creativity by roaming with players in an open world. Where players stay in Maine Craft Always in a constant attempt to survive to achieve their goals by creating creativity using the various resources and materials for construction that the environment in which is provided to you. Maine Craft It also allows you to play with a lot of different friends from around the world in order for players to feel more fun and more exciting. Today, through the Thaqafni website, we will introduce you to a method download minecraft The latest version for Android and iPhone with ease and in a guaranteed way. Follow me for details.

download Minecraft

download Minecraft In a guaranteed way, it is one of the things that many players around the world are looking for, especially after the recent release of the game. The game has also achieved wide popularity and popularity in a very short time and has been downloaded by millions of people from different countries of the world. It basically depends on survival. You can also build a lot of different buildings using attractive cubes, graphics and colors in a three-dimensional world. Maine Craft About the players building a shelter for them and this must happen before dark and the appearance of the fearsome monsters, and the game also allows the possibility of digging inside the mines to obtain diamonds and self-development. download minecraft apk For Android and iPhone 2021.

How to download Minecraft for Android

This method enables you to download original minecraft The latest version easily by these steps, and these are the steps download Minecraft :

  • From your Android phone, go to the Google Play Store.
  • From the search box, type Download Game minecraft and click on search.
  • When the game is finished loading. Each player must create his own account on the official page of the game in order for players to play better and more fun.


Steps to download Minecraft for iPhone

This is the best way you can Download the original minecraft in a few minutes. It is also a 100% tried-and-true method. And these are the steps minecraft download :

  • From your iPhone, enter the Apple Store.
  • From the search box, type The original Minecraft game and click on search.
  • When the game is finished downloading, each player must create their own account on the official page of the game so that players can play better and more fun.


This is the most reliable way that you can download Minecraft The latest version of it. It is one of the best fighting games that has achieved wide popularity. The player must also acquire a lot of different weapons and equipment. To protect his city and division from enemies and monsters.