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How to hide email from advertisers

Advertising companies and online advertisers aim to get E-mail of users so that they can track them online and customize advertisements and advertising campaigns. These companies get your email when you sign up for one of their sites or when one of the sites they use sells your data to advertisers, according to aitnews.

And then you find your email is full of spam messages and advertising campaigns for various services that you may or may not use.

This privacy breach has prompted many companies to start working on tools to hide email and prevent advertisers from accessing it.

And you can hide your e-mail through two different ways, which is the use of e-mail routing services or fake e-mail.

Email forwarding services

These services are based on a very easy and simple idea, as they give you a fake email to use to log in instead of your real email.

And when you receive a message in the inbox of the fake mail, this service identifies the content of the message and decides whether it directs it to you if it is important, or you leave it in the fake mailbox if it is advertising or you do not care, and you can, of course, review the fake mailbox to search for specific messages.

Some services provide you with the ability to create more than one fake mail, and this makes it more difficult to track you via e-mail.

There are many tools that provide this service, the most important of which are:

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Apple tool to hide email

Apple provides within the iCloud Plus subscription a new tool that allows you to hide your email when registering on any site across its devices.

This tool can easily create a new fake email by clicking on the login box and then choosing to hide email.

You can also create a fake email away from the login box by following these steps:

Head to the Settings app on your device, and then tap on your iCloud account picture.

After that choose the feature to hide email and then create a new account.

You can manage your fake email settings by following these steps:

Go to your iCloud account through the Settings app on your device.

Then choose the Hide my email feature, and then you can manage the settings automatically for each service by clicking on it.

You can add special notes to each new email you create or rename it as you wish.

Firefox message routing

Mozilla, the owner of the Firefox browser, offers a service of its own that is linked to the browser account to make it easier for its users to access it.

The company provides a free version of the service, but it is much lower in features than most competitors.

The free version of the service allows you to have 5 aliases, but you cannot access or reply to incoming messages to the dummy mail.

The service is considered a suitable choice for fans of the complete Firefox system, where you can access all of the browser and company services through your Firefox account at any time and on any device.

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This facilitates the transition to new devices, and reduces the effort when installing the application on a new device.

This service works through an add-on that is installed from the Firefox add-ons store for the browser, which is supported by the company.

AnonAddy service

This service works through its own site without the need to install any external add-ons or use a specific browser.

The service provides you with a set of features that come in its free subscription, such as:

Unlimited number of nicknames

The ability to associate an alias with more than one mail.

But the free version of the service comes with a hosting space of about 10 MB, and the space is considered a little for messages that contain many images.

And you can host the service on your own site without the need to use its subscription for more privacy.

DuckDuckGo . Service

From their search engine to their browser and services, DuckDuckGo has become one of the biggest privacy companies on the Internet.

Through this service, you can get a mail with the address of the Duck link, and the company promises to remove all follow-ups in the messages received by you.

But the service is still in its beta phase, and you need to register in the waiting list to get it.

Use of temporary fake email services

These services differ from message routing services in that the new mail you get is temporary mail.

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This means that it disappears and stops working completely after several minutes or days as you wish and the service is provided to you.

There are a lot of various services that allow you to use temporary email such as GuerrillaMail or 10MinuteMail

There is also a group of Arabic services, such as neglected, temporary mail, or TempMail. Most of these services provide applications to install on the phone or you can use them directly from their site.

You may encounter difficulty when using such services with some sites, in which case you must change the service and use another service.