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How to install the original Grand Theft Auto V GTA on phones CJ is back for revenge Update 2023

After installing the original Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA, we will notice that Carl Johnson has returned again to avenge his mother, who was previously killed by the great gang, and there are new updates, the most important of which is the new graphics of the game, where Rockstar has developed the graphics so that it is more clear, and it has This new update was launched yesterday on January 1, 2023, all new, where Rockstar added a new interface instead of the old one and added many weapons that were not obtainable in previous updates, and through the following article we will know together how to download the GTA V game for Android and what are the conditions Run the new version on Android phones.

Install the original Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA

Before we talk about how to get the game, we must leave our followers a small note that GTA 5 game for Android The 2023 update is not available on any website or electronic platform, and this new update is also not available on the Google Play Store application manager, and it can Download GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 for Android through the next steps.

  • I open my phone and search for Rockstar from any browser you can use easily.
  • Also, create an account on this site now, or log in if you have previously created an account on the site.
  • Enter the site menu and select the search tag and search for Download GTA V game for Android.
  • Click on Update 2023, then pay the update fee, which amounts to $9.
  • Then click on download and in a short time you will get the game.
Download gta 5 game for Android
Download Grand Theft Auto 5 game for Android
Grand Theft Auto 5

Requirements to download GTA V for Android 2023

Installing the original Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA from Rockstar is easy, but the most difficult thing is the operating requirements, as the new game, specifically the 2023 version, runs on some relatively higher specifications than before, and the game cannot be run on medium specifications.

  • The game file is about 7 GB in size, and the phone must accommodate this file.
  • The game also works well on a random memory of at least 6 GB of RAM.
  • Also, the phone processor has a large load in running the game without damaging the phone, and it must be of the higher than average category.
  • Android 10 up to Android 12 can download GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 for Android easily without problems.