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How to make a successful change in life and maintain a healthy habit

How to make a successful change in life and maintain a healthy habit

And how does this carousel end more and more?

Simply put, one day our body will give us a clear signal that we can no longer live this way. Exhaustion with anxiety, tiredness, bad mood, inability to get out of bed and go to work, loss of appetite, and other symptoms can occur. Our intelligence clenched the emergency brake and said stop, I can’t work like this anymore. About 20% of us have experienced similar conditions and many people are moving towards this condition. But it is not necessary to let things go that far.

What does the body tell us and how do we start differently?

Like any crisis, a personal crisis presents us with a great opportunity. It is a moment when the instinct of self-preservation forces us to stop and re-evaluate what we are doing. If everything we do in our lives is good and beneficial to us. It is a great moment to analyze your life under the microscope in relationship, personal and work.

The ideal state that it is wonderful to achieve and maintain is the balance of these three areas. If one area is more favored in the long run, other areas crash. If we work 16 hours a day, it is difficult to find time for ourselves and our loved ones. On the other hand, if we get completely immersed in a new relationship, for example, and forget that some business exists at all, we may not have a place to live and something to eat. They are both extremes, but the better flaw is obvious.

Pauses, which are wonderful to repeat regularly in life, generate impulses for change. To change for a better performance of our lives, which is healthier for us and gives us more meaning to live it. It can be a change and the creation of new habits towards healthy eating, the introduction of regular exercise, strengthening or a commitment to pay more attention to oneself, the growth of the individual, or family and loved ones. We are all original and we will each put a different piece in the puzzle of our lives.

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The engine of change is the decision

The desire to change one’s life for the better is not enough in itself. The idea that you’ll exercise for 10 minutes a day, for example, isn’t difficult. Then, of course, normal life comes along and the new commitment takes hold quickly. Take a look at how many New Year’s resolutions we’ll remember in the summer. In order to achieve and implement real change in our new life and habits, we have to decide. This is the turning point in our mind that will take us from desire to the ultimate goal. If there is no internal motivation in our actions, we do not succeed in introducing change.

Emotions are what we live

First of all, it is important to reach a state in which we have already achieved our goal of change. in another meaning. To see ourselves how we regularly eat healthy food, that a cold shower in the morning is normal for us, daily exercises are necessary for us, and so on. We consciously feel that we have succeeded. To experience the feeling when the desired change and the introduction of new habits leads us, for example, to spend half a year on land by the sea, as we have dreamed of all our lives.

Actions are required

Once we are emotionally attuned to the change and see the result, it is necessary to take action. Nothing happens by itself. We always have to take action. So it is ideal to take a pen and paper and write down specific steps that will lead to the specific goal, which is to introduce new habits into life. You may be thinking that you know what to do and you don’t have to write it down. Yes, we know that, but writing clear steps with a concrete plan will only connect the right brain centers and we can give our idea a concrete form.

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What if I can’t do it on my own?

You can make the change yourself. But if you feel that you will not be able to make the change yourself, it is very useful to turn to an expert in this field. We need someone’s help to make many changes. It’s normal because we don’t know everything. Professionals can pass on to you the experience and knowledge they have gained over decades of their professional career. It’s a great shortcut that pays off. You’ll get guidance from a professional and won’t encounter unnecessary failures in the path of change that might discourage you from achieving it.

There is success in the end

It takes time to make regular changes and habits. It is generally said to be 21 days. In my experience, it is much longer – 30 to 60 days. But it is worth it. You have established the habit of healthy eating that does not destroy your body, serve you a cult throughout your life and thanks to this you will live a longer and better life. Or the fact that you freed yourself from the constant surveillance of social networks and suddenly have more time for yourself and your loved ones restores the quality of life again.

It is important to persevere, not to make too much commitment at first in the form of many changes at once. You may end up feeling like this confused and you won’t end up with a single change.

Finally, I will return to the question of what we could have done for ourselves years ago. Older people usually regret not doing something that did not seem difficult to do over time. Unfortunately, now they do not have time to do this.

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Together with my colleague Jiří Zadina, we focus on introducing a healthy habit in the form of exercises for the whole body, eyes, face, personal development and more in the online program, where an original lesson is prepared in each work day. The program is designed for people with prolonged sitting in front of a computer and the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle who already feel or understand the importance of prevention. Our motto is that just 5 minutes a day changes the lives of 20,000 people in the Czech Republic.