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كيف تلعب PUBG على الإنترنت عبر الأجهزة اللوحية والكمبيوتر الشخصى؟

How to play PUBG online on tablets and PC?

PUBG is an exciting smartphone game that has been a hit on both Android and iOS platforms and has set the standard in battle royale games for smartphones, although it is mainly available for mobile devices, users have been looking for ways to play it on their laptops and desktops.

PUBG or Players Unkown Battleground is a battle royale game specially designed for the mobile operating system (Android and iOS).

And you still have the option to play it on your laptops and desktops, it was very easy to play this game while it was available on Google Play Store.

You just had to download the PC emulator and complete the installation as you would on a smartphone. You can just play this game online on web browser and choose any device like laptop or PC.

How to play PUBG online on laptop and PC?

Considering the popularity of the game among users, PUBG itself has released an official emulator with which you can play this game online on any laptop, PC or mobile device. You don’t need to download any third party emulator to run the game on the web browser.

Step 1: Go to any web browser on your laptop or PC and visit the sysz qq link and hit enter.

Step 2: Once on the homepage of the website, click on the “Download” option.

Step 3: After downloading the file, run the installation process on your laptop or PC.

Step 4: Wait for the files to be installed on your device. Proceed once you get the “Start” button.

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There are other cloud servers that allow you to play PUBG online via web browser on any laptop or PC.