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Jak správně umýt záchodovou štětku. Většina lidí to dělá špatně, což je velký problém

How to properly wash a toilet brush. Most people make mistakes, which is a big problem

What no one wants to see regularly, let alone clean, is a messy toilet brush. Anyone who is not satisfied with the mere thought of this job will buy a plastic one, which they will dispose of regularly. One less problem. On the other hand, we can make this cleaning easier than it might seem.

adequate protection

Also, using rubber gloves will make everything easier for you. Choose the right size with long enough sleeves for the forearm. But some people suffer from allergies. In this case, it is possible to purchase gloves made of natural latex, which does not irritate the skin. Gloves should be a little larger so that your hands do not sweat as much as possible.

bucket of ovary

Did you know that we spend about 1.5 years of our average life on the toilet? That’s why we need to clean it completely. As advised by home cleaning expert Ralitsa Prodanova, bleach is the most effective. Pour a few spoons of bleach, soda or any other disinfectant into a bucket of boiling water, put the brush there and leave for an hour. After the time has passed, wash it off with the container. This ensures that you have a completely sanitized bathroom.

under hot water

But you can also skip the step with the bucket, put some absorbent or the same product you use to clean the inside of the toilet on the brush or brush, and then flush it under a stream of hot water. Pay attention to all the brushes in the house.

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Photo: shutterstock

Toilet brushes made of special materials

Technology has advanced incalculably fast, and so has toilet cleaning. Today you can even buy toilet brushes that clean themselves. One type contains silver nanofibers. This prevents unwanted bacteria from multiplying and forming.

The second type has a built-in shower, which will make the task easier in many ways. After flushing the toilet, press the button to flush it and store it clean in the container.

You can also choose a half-moon shaped toilet brush, in which the brush container is partially cut out so that it dries early.

Image: Shutterstock, Source: Mirror