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How to remove the temporary memory space in the iPhone phone to speed it up? | technology

Failure to differentiate between the terms “clear cache”, “uninstall” and “delete profiles” may cause some problems due to confusion between the three operations, and clearing cache differs from one application to another on iPhone phones.

What is cache?

A cache is an area of ​​memory in which some data is temporarily stored, for example to keep an application up to date, or to speed up the loading and opening of websites you’ve visited recently.

When you visit a site, the browser saves the page of the site you visited in cache memory to provide faster performance when entering the site at a later time.

For apps, cache files are often related to an in-app update or load, or to saving in-app payment transactions. Arguably, the main benefit of the cache is that you don’t have to re-register on sites you’ve visited previously.

However, data stored in the cache can slow down the browser as it takes up space in the device’s memory, so it should be cleared regularly.

Clear iPhone cache

With regard to iPhones, clearing the cache for applications is by unloading those applications, while the files for the application remain if you want to reinstall it.

To do this process, you must go to the settings from the device interface, then you must click on “General”, and then choose the iPhone storage.

Then wait for a list containing all your installed applications to appear, and after the list appears, choose the application that you want to delete and then drag it to the left.

After that, you have to click on Undownload the application, and pay attention, if you click on delete the application, this will remove all files related to the application.

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Clear cache for applications by unloading them (social networking sites)

Clear iPhone cache by restarting

If your device is running slow, and you want to speed it up by clearing the cache, there is a trick you can use before clearing the memory, which is to restart the device.

Normally, iOS does a good job of managing device memory without any user interaction, but restarting from time to time is useful to get rid of some unneeded stuck data.

For modern iPhones that do not have a home button at the bottom of the screen, the device can be restarted by holding down the volume up button, volume down button, and power button.

Then swipe to turn off the iPhone until the “Apple” logo appears, and then you have to wait for the device to restart, and the restart time will be longer depending on the size of the files in the trash.

As for iPhones that have a home button, they can be restarted by pressing and holding the power button.

Then wait for the slider to turn off the device, and then press the power button to turn it back on.

Safari browser is one of the fastest browsers in the world and uses quite a bit of the phone’s memory for temporary storage (Shutterstock)

Clear cache in safari on iPhone

Safari is known to be one of the fastest browsers in the world, and it uses quite a bit of the phone’s memory as a cache.

Therefore, it is important to clear the cache of the phone from time to time, and that is by going to the settings, and then scrolling down until you find the application.

After finding the application, you must click on it and then scroll down until you find the option to clear history and website data.

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And then confirm the process by clicking on the Clear data and history option, and thus the cache of the Safari browser has been cleared.

Remove cache in chrome on iphone

You can clear the temporary memory, history, and cookies of the “Google Chrome” application by entering the application, then pressing the three-dot button in the lower right of the screen, and then pressing the history or history in the pop-up window on the screen.

After that, you must click on Clear browsing data, and if you do not want to completely clear the cache, you can specify the period of time within which you want to clear it.

After that, you should make sure that there is a checkmark next to cookies, site data, and cached images and files, and then click on Clear site data.

Clearing the Firefox cache is done from within the browser without the need to enter the settings of the device (Getty Images)

Clear Firefox cache on iPhone

The cache in the Firefox browser can be cleared from within the browser without the need to go to the settings of the device.

This is done by entering the application, and pressing the More button, which is in the form of 3 dots at the bottom right of the screen.

After that, a window will appear, from which choose the Settings option, after which you must go to the Privacy section, and from there to the Data Management option.

And then click on the option to clear private data, and here you must make sure that all options are activated and that any option is activated if it is not activated.

After that, press the Clear private data button located at the bottom of the screen in red, after that you must confirm the operation by pressing the OK button.

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The difference between uninstalling and clearing cache

Uninstalling and clearing the cache share the same purpose, as they are intended to free up space on the device’s storage.

But uninstalling means erasing the app but keeping its data and information like login credentials and other files if you want to re-download the app.

But clearing the cache does not remove the app from your phone, it clears browsing files and unnecessary data, and it does not affect important data like login.

But in the end it goes without saying that uninstalling the app will save much more space on the device storage than clearing the cache for the app.

Difference between cookies and cache

Cookies are not the same as cache, it can be said that cookies are just a small piece of data that websites send to your mobile phone.

Cookies contain the passwords with which you log into websites and track your browsing on the Internet.

We can say that cookies are only part of the cache, as the latter contains cookies, as well as images and other temporary data.

The process of clearing the temporary memory of iPhone phones is useful to maintain the device’s performance, speed, and storage space in it, and it does not affect any of the important files and data for the user, and it is recommended to do it in the right ways without confusing it with uninstallation or final deletion.