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How to run Microsoft Excel on an iPad

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

Many iPad users may need to use the Microsoft Excel app on their tablet, to use it while out of the office or on the go.

Run Excel on the iPad

To use Excel, the user must have a subscription to Microsoft 365, and if the user has a subscription, they can easily log in on the iPad using their existing username and password.

The “Slash Gear” website mentioned how to run Microsoft Excel on the iPad tablet, in order to use it at any time and place.

How to run Excel on the iPad:

Open the Apple App Store on your iPad and search for Excel, then install it.

Then sign in with your Microsoft 365 account username and password, choose a subscription plan if you don’t have one.

Decide if you want to activate any other Microsoft cloud services on your iPad, such as OneDrive or OneNote.

cloud services

Once you’ve installed the Excel app, you’re ready to go. However, to copy the functionality you’re used to using the desktop-based version of Excel, make sure to use a mouse and keyboard with your iPad. These external devices will allow you to use features like keyboard shortcuts and pointer precision when editing. Data tables.

According to Microsoft, using Excel as an extension of your home office on the go is easy with the addition of cloud services.

How to use Excel on the iPad:

On your home desktop or laptop, go to the OneDrive, Dropbox, or Microsoft 365 website via the respective browser or app.

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Upload the spreadsheet you want to work on when you’re away from home.

On your iPad, sign in to the Microsoft cloud service app that you downloaded the spreadsheet to on your laptop or desktop computer.

Locate the spreadsheet you want and open it using Excel on the iPad.

Once you’ve finished editing your spreadsheet, another important feature of Excel on the iPad is the ability to easily share the file among friends and colleagues.

If you are in the spreadsheet you want to share, select the share icon.

To quickly send your spreadsheet to others, click Invite People and add the email addresses of anyone you want to share with.

You can also share the spreadsheet by copying and pasting a link or sending the file as an attachment.