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How to "steal" any website.  We'll try it on Doprá - Živě.cz

How to “steal” any website. We’ll try it on Doprá – Živě.cz

It’s Sunday and with it another sequel to our series of programs. Last time we created a functional voice assistant for you, which was smarter than your mom thanks to its connection to Wikipedia, this time we will Steal.

when? Steal? we will, We are stealing A site you may have visited during the month of May that does not have a machine-readable API.

We are “stealing” the data from the Doprá website

This will be the site a Team peer statistics. If you don’t know it, I’ll just remind you that this is a traditional competition in May, in which companies from all over the Czech Republic participate, form teams, and those teams compete for the team that will be transported to the workplace more regularly by bus, scooter or bike.

Just to give you an idea, I got involved this year 21,925 sports companies, Which is the current record, and after logging in, participants can record the recorded tracks manually or through connected sports apps – like their favorite diet.

Watch the video on how we pulled data for the team from Dprá In the article below, we will describe what we need for this, and of course the source code will not be missing:

Smash colleagues and humiliate them

Although some companies will reward the corporate winner with some bonuses (as CNC will compensate the best athletes for entrance fees), the main motive is of course winning within the team and An overwhelming liquidation of opponents For kilometers.

Everyone on the team can see how their members can view the website at any time, after logging in, displays a table with basic statistics.