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How to take advantage of the carabe...a psychologist who answers

How to take advantage of the carabe…a psychologist who answers

spread ofCracows Everywhere, especially in homes, it emits negative energy, this was confirmed by the professors of psychology and sociology, where Dr. Eman Abdullah, a family therapy consultant, said that the Egyptian people like to keepCracows It is a cultural heritage that generations learn from their parents, especially in the early stages of life, and when children see their fathers and mothers, they keep things, they also do the same and grow with the same rigid thought.

Emotional vacuum
Abdullah added, “TheCracows Its presence indicates the emotional void, as the person who suffers from the emotional void fills his void by keeping things until it gives them a feeling of satisfaction and fills the void gap, as well as the so-called turmoil and stressful possession of the person, the person keeps things breathing and comfort for this feeling.

psychological dimensions
The family therapy consultant confirmed that the problem is not only with keeping things, but there are psychological dimensions because when the mother teaches the children to keep everything, she teaches them the fear of poverty or the fear of poverty, and this is something that is not desirable and a kind of psychological disturbance occurs, as their fear makes them keep everything that they may need later And then they feel remorse and remorse.

Genetic diseases
As for the second problem, it is causing hereditary diseases, which are cultural diseases, or the outdated family cultures that children learn by keeping carabiners, and keeping things with them is considered a disease and disorder, which is extreme miserliness.

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Abdullah indicated that theCracows Sometimes it is linked to a part of the human personality or identity, there are those who keep different things such as clothes, wood and other things, and others like to keep old collectibles that serve as memories of an old time.

stress cure
Abdullah explained that getting rid of theCracows In itself, a cure for tension and psychological pressures, because the carabe is the one that uses its owner, not the other way around, and it stops life. Getting rid of what hinders you in your life is an opportunity for the river of life to flow in your life and bring good to the person. You must get rid of these things so that others can benefit from them, because there are people who deserve to benefit from them. Instead of keeping them as carabiners.

gloomy view
She emphasized that theCracows The energy path is disrupted, such as the air passages, like the things on the wheels. The garages give a bad view, whether in the house or on the roofs. In foreign countries, they take advantage of the roofs to make swimming pools, for example, planting and projects, but we have them use them to put theCracowsAnd, of course, it helps to emit a foul smell, and the view is gloomy, and gives an opportunity for the emergence of insects and mice, stressing the need to raise the slogan “We want to live in a clean and pure environment.”

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