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How to use the command window on Mac

You can use the command window in Mac in more than one way to make it easier for you to use the computer, especially if you are a programmer who works with the command window constantly.

Procedure Command window On a Mac, it is similar to the command window in Linux and Windows, but the syntax of the commands is different.

How does the command window work in Mac?

You can access the Mac’s Command Prompt application by using the quick search feature or via the Applications folder.

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When the command window opens, you can have more than one page within the application by pressing the Command+T buttons.

You can open a new window by pressing Command+N, and the command window works by typing the command line directly inside it.

Move between folders

You can move between folders via the command window so that you can execute the command inside the folder you want by typing the cd command.

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It works as follows

cd /folder/

Where you replace the word Folder with the name of the folder you want to move to.

View folders and files

You can use the command interface to view all files and folders in a folder or disk connected to your computer.

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By typing the ls command and adding the folder address immediately after it, you can view hidden files or open the connected disk without having to use the file viewer application.

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Copying Using the Command Prompt on Mac

You can copy files from one folder to another by using the copy command within the command window.

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The copy command is written as follows, where you start by typing cp and then add the address of the file you want to copy and then add a space and put the address you want to copy the file to.

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You can copy more than one file together via this command as follows:

file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt /destination/

Or copy all files in a specific folder via the following command:

cp -R /folder/ /destination/

You can type the copy command directly without typing the address of the source file if you navigate through the cd command to the folder containing it.

Move and change the file name

The move command works similarly to the copy command, but you should be careful when using it because it deletes all the files in the transfer destination.

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You can add the -i command to the mv command to make the system ask for confirmation when using the move command.

You can also use the move command to easily rename files by typing it like this:

mv oldfilename.txt newfilename.txt

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