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مساعد جوجل الذكي Nest HUB

How to use the smart Google Assistant to play games.. easy steps

Every day, the smart assistant breaks into a new field, so that it can play games, control smart homes, and book flights and movie tickets.

The smart Google Assistant “Nest HUB” with a large screen allows users to play games, and provides many ways to control the device through the touch screen or the use of voice commands.

There are simple steps to employ the Google Assistant to play your favorite games.

How to use the smart Google Assistant to play games

You just have to go to the games tab on the main screen, and there you will find games recommended by the store, and you can search for specific games, then you have to choose your favorite group of games by clicking on it, and select the game you want to play.

We also mentioned that the voice command feature can be activated to play games by issuing the “Hey Google, play games” command, to display all the available games, and then you have to issue another command with the name of a specific game to play it.

Just control via the touch screen

There are some games that also support the option of voice commands to control the game, or just control via the touch screen.

And you should not forget to make the smart assistant always connected to the Internet so that it works in the best way, and you get the services at the best level.

Advantage package

In general, the smart Google Assistant “Nest Hub” provides a package of benefits for users, including enjoying quick videos via YouTube, as well as using it as a notebook.

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The device is also compatible with various other Google applications, such as the Google Duo application for example, which requires you to enter your personal phone number to take advantage of it and make calls through the device.

Google Assistant was originally launched on Google Pixel smartphones and Google Home, but is now available for all modern Android devices, including Wear OS devices, Android TV and Nvidia Shield, as well as any cars that support Android Auto, and other devices as well such as cameras Nest and Lenovo smartwatch.