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How were Google and Oracle servers affected by cooling failures during the UK heatwave?

UK-based Google Cloud and Oracle servers have been hit by cold-related outages, with the country experiencing a record high of 104°F (40°C). Both companies blame the temperature for the unexpected shutdowns.

On the Google Cloud status page, Google notes that it experienced a “cooling-related failure” at a data center located in the United Kingdom.

“This caused a partial capacity failure in that region, resulting in VM downtime and hardware loss for a small group of our customers,” Google said. According to The Verge, the company says it has also “shut down” some of its devices to prevent further damage.

As The Register and Bleeping Computer point out, Oracle has a similar message to customers on its status page, but directly points to “unseasonal temperatures” in the UK as the cause of the outage.

The software company shut down some of its devices to prevent system failures, but its latest update indicates the service is slowly coming back online.

Oracle says the data center’s temperatures have “reached acceptable levels,” but it’s still working on overhauling its cooling system.

Although it is not clear how many users are affected by the outages, the outages may cause problems for users using Oracle and Google Cloud services to host their websites.

England’s infrastructure is not built to handle the country’s unusually hot conditions, even in summer.

In addition to disabled data centers, the heat has disrupted travel across the country, melting runways at London Luton Airport and bending and breaking train tracks. It has sparked bushfires in many parts of England, including London, Kent, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire.

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As the effects of climate change spread across the globe, scorching heatwaves could become something the UK has to adapt to.