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However, activist Dima Alam Farag asks: What is the fate of Ghazlan 2018?

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Elaf from London: An announcement by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture, on Sunday, of offering to sell a number of deer, raised questions about the fate of 100 deer that were stolen from Dibeen Reserve in 2018.

The ministry published its announcement in the official newspapers, announcing its desire to sell the deer in Dibeen Reserve – Directorate of Agriculture of Jerash Governorate. The dates for submitting purchase orders have been set until April 6.

Commenting on the announcement of the sale of deer, the controversial activist, famous for her harsh criticism, Dima Alam Farrag, asked about the fate of 100 deer that were stolen in 2018. She also published on her posts and blogs on Facebook and Twitter the news of the announcement of the sale of new deer.


Hundreds of comments on the activist’s post made ironic remarks about the disappearance of deer from a reserve that was supposed to be protected by the government as state property.

The comments were not free from pointing fingers at corrupt officials and others involved in the case of the disappearance of deer from the reserve.

It is noteworthy that the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture referred the file of deer loss in Dibeen Reserve in Jerash Governorate to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, after it was proven that there was a significant shortage in their number, while the number of deer present at that time in the reserve reached 162, according to an official source in Jerash agriculture at the time.

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case consideration

In July 2018, the Jerash Court considered the case referred by the Integrity Commission, and issued its decision to imprison (14) people who were involved in the theft of (100) deer from Dibeen Reserve in Jerash.

Despite the court’s decisions against people, no decision was issued clarifying the fate of the stolen deer. It also fined those involved in the case an amount of 45 thousand dinars, and imprisoned them for seven months.

An official source had said that those involved were two managers, two heads of departments, and 10 employees supporting them.

Directors patent

4 senior employees of the Ministry of Agriculture were acquitted in the case, namely: Engineer Muhammad Al-Sharman Al-Baramawy, Engineer Bassam Al-Faouri, Engineer Abdullah Al-Wreikat, and Engineer Atef Zureikat, of the charges that were attributed to them after the verdict was annulled.

The court had charged the defendants with wasting public money in accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission Law, and breaching job duties in accordance with the provisions of Article 183 of the Penal Code, and in the context of Articles 2, 3, and 4 of economic crimes, and Article 16 of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Law.