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HP Results – Banned Printers After Firmware Update Angered Customers

Hewlett-Packard has bad luck with tough problems. The latest printer updates make it very expensive, and you won’t be running it anymore.

HP does not take it easy with printers and frequently manages to satisfy customers with different limitations. For example, they once released a firmware update that prevented printers from using third-party cartridges. The first restriction on the use of alternative inks dates back to 2016 (read, for example here) and a new “improvement”, ie the security enhancement from this year (described here). Negative publicity, complaints, lawsuits, but HP gets its way. They recently released an update at the beginning of May, which disabled (made it impossible to use) OfficeJet series printers.

After installing the firmware, an error appears on the touch screen 83C0000B And you have a benefit. In addition, the installation takes place automatically with the help of drivers, which are simply downloaded and installed directly. So far, there is no solution to improve the OfficeJet printer in this way, all that remains is to send it to HP service. Specific models are 9022e, Pro 9025e, Pro 9020e All-in-One, and Pro 9025e All-in-One. According to HP, those unlucky with installing the firmware should leave the printer turned off or unplugged from the network so it doesn’t download the update automatically. HP is said to be working on a fix. For interest, a link to find the error Code 83C0000B on Googleforum post one after another…

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