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Huawei begins work on developing the Nova 9 series of phones – UAE urgent news

Huawei begins work on developing the Nova 9 series of phones – UAE urgent news

The latest leaks confirmed that the Chinese giant Huawei has started working on developing the new generation of Nova 9 phones, in preparation for the announcement of new releases between August and October of this year.

confirmed latest Leaks On that the giant Chinese Huawei may be I started the work On Development generation the new from phones Nova 9, ready to advertise About Versions new What between Monthly August and october From This general.

she was a company Huawei may be Submitted Series Nova 8 at End Year 2020 the past, And today confirmed many From Leaks Which published at China On start the work On generation the new From phones Nova.

as such indicate Reports to that Huawei Progress Series Nova 9 the same language the design Featured for series Nova 8 And also correspond Versions new With phones Nova 8 at Some specifications.

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Also From Expected that Come Series Nova 9 by design for the camera the background mimic Design camera الكا at p 50 Which Characterized by rings circular big Which Includes sensors, Where Come sensor the main at the ring upper in the form of independent, While Includes the ring lowercase sensors other With flash Lead.

Resembles indicated Some Leaks to me that Series Nova 9 Come chip Processor Kirin 990E Which Submitted at Telephone Mate 40E 5G, but expectations indicate that the next generation of Nova phones will come with a 4G chip, as a result of the decline in chip supplies that many phone manufacturers are facing now.

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