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Huawei is working on improving the head-up display.  At night and in thick fog, augmented reality technology helps drivers - Živě.cz

Huawei is working on improving the head-up display. At night and in thick fog, augmented reality technology helps drivers – Živě.cz

Huawei at IAA Mobility Foot A combination of Head-Up Display (HUD) and Augmented Reality (AR). they call it AR-HUD The main trick is that it dynamically adapts the displayed graphics to the surrounding environment, the current situation and the driver’s perspective.

Huawei AR-HUD

The transparent screen can display the current driving speed, various warnings, navigation illustrations, information about the maximum allowed speed on the site, etc.

One of the main benefits is increased driving safety. For example, AR-HUD . can be displayed Information about the distance from the previous car and assess whether it is sufficient with respect to the current speed. The screen can also display information useful for driving in the dark or in thick fog – among other things, it can accurately distinguish surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.

The HUD is set so that the virtual display is projected at a visible distance of 7.5 meters as a 70 inch (180 cm) image. Information from the instrument panel is displayed at the bottom of the image. The virtual screen also plays the role of navigation, being able to display information about changing the path in space.

Not only information, but also entertainment

Thanks to a comprehensive database of Points of Interest (POIs), AR-HUD can display in real time Information about parking lots, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and petrol stations Along the way. Even in completely unknown places, the driver will have enough information about the possibilities of refueling, shopping, dining or entertainment.

In addition to the features that the driver will appreciate while driving, Huawei also relies on entertainment. Thanks to the clear, contrasting and undistorted picture in FullHD resolution, it can be used, for example, to play movies. The front passenger appreciates this while driving and the driver can enjoy it when stopping. In addition to videos, games and video calls will be available.

The AR-HUD can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles. Optical path design and algorithm technology improve accuracy and Eliminate dizziness caused by ghosts, which is common in the case of conventional HUDs. According to product manager Kevin Huang, AR-HUD will continue to evolve towards a larger picture, higher resolution, and 3D screen.