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تكنولوجيا : تلسكوب هابل يلتقط صورة "مخيفة" لنجم يحتضر

Hubble telescope captures ‘scary’ image of dying star

Saturday October 30, 2021 06:45 PM

NASA released a picture of the red giant star CW LyonsTaken by a telescope Hebel Halloween is approaching. The “scary” picture shows the star CW Lyons It looks like a “cosmic spider web” in orange and red, which is a cloud of smoke and dust that swallowed the dying star, according to what it reported. RT.

NASA likened the dying star to a hypnotic vortex, the “Witch’s Kettle” and the giant alien spider’s web.

and knowCW Lyons As the “carbon star”. ESA said: “The orange-red cobwebs are dusty clouds of soot carbon that swallow a dying star. They were created from the outer layers of the ESA. CW Lyons That was thrown into the black void“.

and falls CW Lyons It is 400 light-years from Earth, making it our closest carbon star. Hubble witnessed changes in the material surrounding the star, according to a set of moving scenes observed by the telescope between 2001 and 2016..

The cause of carbon star’s brightness shifts over a relatively short period of time is still being investigated. The European Space Agency said: “Astronomers speculate that the gaps in the dust that cover CW Lyons They may allow rays of starlight to penetrate the dust and illuminate it, like searchlights across an overcast sky.”

Source : Technology: The Hubble telescope captures a “scary” image of a dying star