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Policejní vozy a policisté prohledávali v neděli okolí Kauflandu a přilehlého lesoparku Dubina v souvislosti s nahlášenou rvačkou mládeže.

Huge youth fight near Caveland and Dubina in Karvina. It is said that he was stabbed with a knife

“On Sunday, around 5 pm, the police received an announcement that a large group of young people were in Karvina in a public place near Kaufland and in Dubina Forest Park. There were supposed to be skirmishes and attacks. Police officers in Soňa ntětínská, a police spokeswoman in the city of Dennick on Sunday evening the city police have also arrived

On Sunday, groups of young people moved around Karvina near Dubina, a video clip from social media

The youth groups had already disappeared by that time. “Information about their movements was found in different parts of the city. At that time, there was no longer a disturbance in public order or a threat to people’s lives and health,” a police spokesman said.

The police officers started checking the information and contacted various people. “So far, we have not confirmed any injuries of a more serious nature. We are gradually finding out, gathering and assessing the information available,” a police spokeswoman said on Sunday evening.

“In this context, we require the testimony of a person who was at that time in the area near Kaufland and Dubina Forest Park in Karvina and who had any information about the identity of members of a large group and their actions (skirmishes, attacks)” or to the nearest police station. Any other information related to this event can also be provided, ”the police officers also ask.