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Human remains found on a US military plane that left Kabul

Human remains found on a US military plane that left Kabul

US forces confirmed that Human remains in the fuselage of a military plane Upon arrival at Al Udeid base in Qatar.

Meanwhile, a video clip posted on social media showed a number of Afghans taking selfies inside Kabul airport during the take off of a US plane that was transporting hundreds of people out of Afghanistan.

A statement issued by the US Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations added that “all information related to the incident, including photos and videos, is reviewed in order to know the circumstances of the incident.”

And social networking sites circulated a picture of an Afghani taking a selfie of himself and other young men from the wing of a US military plane, trying to cling to it and flee on its wing while leaving Kabul airport for fear of the “Taliban” movement.

The Afghan young man also took pictures of the crowds gathered on the runway before the plane took off and the disaster occurred when three young men fell from its wheel.

The footage shows about 10 people sitting under the wing, while two other people cross the runway in front of the moving plane.

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In the horrific incident, three Afghan youths fell from the wheels of a plane at Kabul Airport, after they tried to flee with the large crowd that swept the airport, Monday.

Local residents near Kabul airport said that the youths were tightly clutching the wheels of a plane before falling on the houses, according to the Aswaka news agency. One of the residents confirmed that the fall of these young men caused a loud and terrifying uproar.

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