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Humanitarian Assistance Report .. The Most Donating and Receiving Countries in the World

Humanitarian Assistance Report .. The Most Donating and Receiving Countries in the World

Arab countries to top list of countries to receive humanitarian aid by 2021 edition 2020 Annual Report on Global Humanitarian Aid It produces UK-based “development efforts”.

By 2020, Syria topped the list of countries receiving humanitarian aid, with a portion of which receiving $ 2,598 million in aid certainly linked to the Govt epidemic.

Yemen came in second with $ 2,152 million in humanitarian aid.

Lebanon is in third place, receiving $ 1,559 million in humanitarian aid.

The Democratic Republic of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

The United States has pointed out the most important countries that have contributed to donations to other countries over the past year.

Most donations

With a total of $ 8.9 billion, the United States will be the world’s largest donor of humanitarian aid by 2020.

Turkey came in second with $ 8 billion in donations.

Germany came in third with $ 3.7 billion in donations.

EU companies came in fourth with $ 2.6 billion in aid.

The UK came in fifth with $ 2.1 billion in donations.

Sweden and the Netherlands ranked sixth and seventh, respectively, with donations ranging from $ 0.9 to $ 0.8 billion.

The report points out that 243.8 million people living in 75 countries were assisted in 2020 because of their humanitarian need, compared to 224.9 million people in 65 countries in 2019.

The report says that the amount of aid has increased in relation to the difficult conditions imposed on many countries by the Govt-19 epidemic.

Yemen (81 percent), Eritrea (73 percent), Syria (67 percent) and South Sudan (64 percent) account for more than half of the total number of people in need of humanitarian assistance, the report said. ), And the Democratic Republic of Congo (58 percent)., Lebanon (55 percent) and Venezuela (50 percent).

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