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Humans migrated from Egypt 55,000 years ago and spread around the world

Humans migrated from Egypt 55,000 years ago and spread around the world

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Egypt came first, then history came. This proverb is confirmed every day by scientists and proved by their discoveries. In a recent discovery, a recent genetic study said, “Egyptians are all of us.” It was discovered that humans migrated from Egypt 55,000 years ago and spread throughout the world. , After examining the genes of 225 people from Egypt and Ethiopia, determines which place in the research, which is attended by many universities and international research sites. The first humans migrated from the continent of Africa to the continents of the world.
The study found that people living in Asia and Europe were more closely related to those living in Egypt than in Ethiopia because the first humans had two chances of migrating from Egypt to the Levant via the Sinai. Extensive study of the genes of Egyptians and Ethiopians and their genealogies in Iraq and other parts of Asia, then to Europe and other parts of the world or via Ethiopia via the Bab al-Mandab Road. World populations from other continents concluded that the first humans reached Asia and Europe via the Sinai from Egypt.
Anthropologist at the University of Cambridge Dr. Thomas Kevselt, one of the scientists who led the study, said: And genetic research involving Europe and many other research organizations has come to light today with the fact that humans inhabit the continents of the world. 55 thousand years ago to the continents of Asia and Europe, the Near East, Europe and beyond to begin human storytelling.

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The following scientific organizations participated in this genetic study that examined the origins of human settlement, which was proven to have originated in Egypt outside the continent of Africa, known as the cradle of man:

1- Welcome Trust Singer Company, United Kingdom.

2- Department of Archeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge.

3- Department of Biology, Geography and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy.

4- Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

5- Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, University College London.

6- American University of Lebanon, Beirut.

7- Addis Ababa University and Center for Human Genetic Diversity, Ethiopia.

8- Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, USA.