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Hundreds of dusty vintage cars have been declassified in the Netherlands, and are going up for auction

Although it may sometimes seem like all the vintage cars hidden in sheds are already found, there is always something surprising for vintage car lovers. Sometimes it’s just a few pieces in an old barn, but this time we have a giant collection in front of us, some 230 pieces from all kinds of cars from decades ago.

There are Astons, Alfas, Ferraris, Lancias, Facel Vega, NSUs, Maseratis, Lincolns, Mustangs, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Jaguars, Talbot, at least one BMW, and many more cars, including a Tatra 87, which only flashes in a video, but According to the arc with three headlights, it is safe to recognize. The collection also includes parts from little-known brands such as Moretti, Matra or Villard.

A man named Balmain, who made his living trading classic cars, started collecting them several decades ago. Apparently he didn’t sell it all, he bought some for himself and hid them in two warehouses and an old church in Dordrecht, Holland. He kept his collection in secret, not showing it to people often, and took care of the cars himself, but kept them in their original condition, not refurbishing them.

The cars will be up for grabs in an online auction that will take place from May 19 to early June, and will be phased out in three stages. It’s hard to estimate the yield, but some of the cars in the collection have tremendous value even in pre-refurbished condition.

The collector says treasures can still be found in the form of historic cars