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Hungarian Webshippy will open an online store delivery center near Prague in the summer

Hungarian Webshippy will open an online store delivery center near Prague in the summer

The Hungarian company Webshippy, which deals with the delivery of goods from electronic stores, will open an automated center near Prague in the summer. In April, it will start operating a 3,000 square meter storage center near Bratislava. The company stated this in a press release today.

The company manages online orders for more than 2,000 online stores. It delivers 150,000 to 200,000 packages to customers per month, and the total shipments reach three million. Last year, it generated sales of 6.5 million euros, which is about 160 million CZK. The company said it is growing at a double rate each year.

In Hungary, Webshippy operates a center near Budapest that serves end customers’ orders and enables automated order processing. Within three years, the company plans to build a network of centers in all major European countries.

“Our centers enable online stores to provide state-of-the-art services, thanks to which they are able to serve their customers in various ways and in a short time. In addition to regular next day delivery, we also offer same day or even 60 minute delivery,” said the CEO. Andras Perini: “Our warehouses use the same high-tech robots that Amazon or Alibaba use in their fulfillment centers to process orders and package packages.”

More and more online stores are trading in virtual warehouses, buying their products from online wholesalers and undertaking home delivery to electronic logistics centers. The Czech Republic is one of the leading countries in Europe in e-commerce. According to the Association of Electronic Commerce (APEK), the share of online stores in Czech retail last year was 17 percent, up a percentage point year on year. Last year, the Czechs spent 223 billion kroner on online stores, up 14 percent year on year.

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