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Hussain Al Jasmi shines at the 91st Saudi National Day party

Hussain Al Jasmi shines at the 91st Saudi National Day party

Emirati star Hussain Al Jasmi opened the 91st Saudi National Day concerts, on Wednesday evening, at the Super Dome Theater in Jeddah.

The concert witnessed a large audience, and Al Jasmi starred in a variety of his famous songs, on top of which is his new song “Heta Min Albi”, in addition to the songs “God is not settled, very important, in bold, everything I intended, I love you, I love you, I miss you, Bahr Al-Shawq, Six of the morning.” .

The artist Hussein Al Jasmi also presented the song “Ama Barawa” by the great artist Najat, in addition to the song “Salman Al Shahama”, in celebration of the Saudi National Day, and this song received a special interaction from the audience.

Al Jasmi congratulated the Saudi public on the occasion of the National Day, saying: “I am happy with this beautiful ceremony, an indescribable feeling of joy. I thank everyone who attended, an unforgettable day in my life and the audience is more than wonderful.”

He also thanked the concert organizers and his band

It is noteworthy that the ceremony was organized by the “Punch Mark” company, sponsored by the General Entertainment Authority, and was broadcast directly on the MBC channel and the “Shahid” application, in celebration of the 91st Saudi National Day.

A number of singing stars are scheduled to perform the Saudi National Day concerts, including Rashid Al-Majed, Majed Al-Mohandes, Dalia Mubarak, Aseel Hamim and Abadi Al-Jawhar.

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