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Hussein Abu Hajjaj announces his retirement and excludes "The Great Awe"

Hussein Abu Hajjaj announces his retirement and excludes “The Great Awe”

In an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia”, he confirmed Abu Hajjaj That there is a problem in his knees that hinders him from completing his artwork, but he excluded participation with the artist “Ahmed Makki” from the decision to retire because of his love and appreciation for him.

Abu Hajjaj said: “I have retired from art since 2020, and I have only participated in one work in Lebanon, where I went in filming for 17 days, and I did not do any other roles, because what prompted me to accept this work is my desire to see Lebanon and my love to visit this country.” .

The state of health is the reason for retiring

The comedian added: “The reason is retirement It is a healthy reason, because I have a problem with the knees, I cannot stand like before, especially since everyone who needs me in works of art asks me for movement roles.”

And he indicated that: “The doctors requested a knee joint replacement surgery so that I can move better, which is something I do not want, especially since I am 68 years old, and therefore I do not see a reason to perform this surgery.”

Hussein continued, saying: “I acted with Professor Ahmed Makki, and despite my apologies to him at first for not accepting work in Big Oy seriesHowever, he insisted in a way that I could not refuse, especially since he confirmed that he would work to comfort me completely during filming, and his beautiful taste and style prompted me to accept work in the series, and indeed the participants in this work were keen to comfort me to the maximum extent.

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The Big Oy series outperforms the competitors

On the success of the Big Aoy series, Abu Hajjaj said: “The Big Aoy series achieved great success, and there was no real competition for it in all fields. People were longing to see the series in its new image, and we succeeded in presenting a new and unpredictable work, and Ahmed’s personality The beautiful Makki, the wonderful directing, and good writing are all factors that contributed to the production of an integrated work.”

Abu Hajjaj confirmed: “The seventh part of the series, Al-Kabeer Away, we will start working in it next June, and I signed a contract to work in it, and I previously confirmed that I will only work with Ahmad Makki If he needs me, he is the only one who accepts working with him, or otherwise, I have retired from art, and I extend my sincere thanks to the (Big Aoy) work team because they bore me in the sixth part, and they comforted me as much as possible, and I did my best to make the work successful, and so far I receive messages from people asking I would like to not retire and continue my artistic career, which makes me very happy and appreciate it.”