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Hussein Al Jasmi "Best Arab Artist" at the Murex d'Or Festival

Hussein Al Jasmi “Best Arab Artist” at the Murex d’Or Festival

Emirati artist Hussain Al Jasmi, “Mountain of the Arabic Song”, won the “Best Arab Artist” award at the Murex D’or International awards festival, and welcomed the UAE guests from artists, media and producers from all over the Arab world, as this session is hosted by Dubai for the first time under the slogan “March of the Year.” Success from Beirut to Dubai 2000-2022».

Hussain Al Jasmi was welcomed and thanked through a video clip shown to the audience on the screens of the ceremony, which was held at the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Island, because he was unable to be present at the ceremony. Al Jasmi said: “Welcome to my loved ones and everyone who watches me today through the Murex d’Or award, which is close to my heart.”

He continued, “I was hoping to be with you and you in this honor, which I prepare as a new success in my artistic career, especially since this session is being held and distributed in my country, the Emirates, which embraces the whole world with love and peace. The award is “Best Arab Artist.” Thank you to all those in charge of the ancient “Murex d’Or.” Thank you, Lebanon, for honoring, and I love you..more for sure.”

Through all the official social media platforms of the artist Hussein Al Jasmi, he reiterated his thanks to the honorable audience for their vote for him with this award “Best Arab Artist”, and for the award family for the honor, and he welcomed all the UAE guests, artists and attendees.

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The “Best Arab Artist” award is one of several awards that Al Jasmi won at the Murex D’or International Awards Festival.