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Hyundai Grandeur concept combines retro looks and modern technology

Hyundai Grandeur concept combines retro looks and modern technology

The South Korean automaker has revived its first flagship model, but has put under the hood the latest technology.

Although Hyundai is one of the most important innovators in electrification, hydrogen propulsion and design, it also does not forget its past. I reminded her of that in April, when she introduced the Pony EV concept, based on a classic 1970s model. And now I have recreated the concept of greatness according to the same recipe.

It is based on the first South Korean brand, introduced in 1986 by Hyundai Grandeur. Marking its 35th anniversary, the Heritage Series Grandeur concept has been created, which very subtly combines angular 80s design with modern technologies, screens, etc.

But let’s start with the classic from the outside, which at first glance remained the same. However, designers have played with the mask or modified the design of wheels, rear-view mirrors, or the globe. This is because the front and back end are based on the well-known pixel technology of Electric model Ionic 5That covers the bow and stern completely. Including the radiator grille filler.

However, significant changes have occurred in the cabin, which interestingly combines the design of the past with modern equipment. The instrument panel is dominated by a large screen, in which is integrated the digital instrument panel and the infotainment system. Another screen is integrated into the single-lever steering wheel and there is also a display in the center tunnel.

Under the hood of the car should be a purely unmarked electric motor, similar to the hood of the Pony EV. Thanks to this, the designers were able to fill the radiator grille with pixels, so there is only a simple gear selector in the central tunnel.


The cabin also features valuable ambient lighting and controls, which contrast slightly with the retro-style seats and bronze-colored door trims. Also an interesting detail is the lighting system above the rear seats, which effectively complements the image of the car as well as in alternative cinematic reality.

Like the Pony EV, the new Heritage Grandeur series also looks great. In addition, the brand clearly shows that they are not afraid to experiment with design and integrate old trends with new technologies. It will certainly be interesting to see what modern retro model the brand will offer us.