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Hyundai has brought back the youth of the original pony.  It basically has a large interior

Hyundai has brought back the youth of the original pony. It basically has a large interior

The automaker Hyundai revealed an interesting car in a rather secretive way. It’s a great concept that combines the brand’s history with an electrical future.

The South Korean company introduced Restomod for the first-generation Pony. This is very important for Hyundai, as it is the first car from the brand that the automaker developed itself. It was a success.

Because of the new model, in February 1974, the company appointed several experts. One of them was George Turnbull, the former CEO of Austin Morris from Britain’s Leland Group. He sought help from six of his experts from Europe. The team included another designer, two body and chassis specialists, two production engineers and one test engineer.

The Colt was first presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1974. It was launched a year later. The car has been called the “people car” because it was designed for them. Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the most famous car designers of his time, took an interest in designing a rear-wheel drive model.

Soon the model pony was exported to Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Egypt. That was in 1976. In 1978, cars also started being exported to Europe, more specifically to Belgium and the Netherlands, and soon to Greece. The car has already begun the successful journey of the South Korean automaker.

The basis of the renewed variant was the real pony with a three-door hatchback body. The team led by interior designer Hak Soo Ha completely disassembled the car and then reassembled it in a more modern way.

The car got modern headlights and rearview mirrors with built-in cameras or new wheels with an old design. There are also some surprises inside. The interior looks very good overall, but most attention is drawn to the new steering wheel and new instrument panel, which excels in the unusual design of the indicators and “alarms”. Alternatively, there are personal lights, also known as Digitrons.

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Important information also applies to the drive. The creators removed the original version of the car and installed an unspecified electrical system instead.