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I achieved everything in 2021 and these are my goals for 2022

I achieved everything in 2021 and these are my goals for 2022

Our Olympic weightlifter, Faris Ibrahim, expressed his happiness for winning three gold medals for the 102-kg competitions in the 2021 Arab Weightlifting Championship, which was held in Shaqlawa, in the Erbil governorate.

The hero Ibrahim said, through a communication with Al-Kass TV channels, that the year 2021 was full of achievements, noting that he achieved everything in it, especially the gold medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the World Championships.

The Olympic weightlifter indicated that 2022 will have important tournaments, but his first goal is the Paris 2024 Olympics, and he has started preparing for it from now, by participating this year in the Asian Games and the World Championships, which qualifies for the 2024 Olympics.

The Arab Championship witnessed a remarkable brilliance for our hero, Faris Ibrahim, to outperform all the participants with him in the Arab Championship, raising the flag of Qatar in Shaqlawa city in Erbil.

This is the third participation after achieving the gold medal in the “Tokyo 2020” Olympics, the first gold medal in Qatar’s history in the Olympics in weightlifting, and his second participation was in the World Weightlifting Championships (IWF) that was held in the capital, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from 7 to 17 December Last year, Faris succeeded in winning two colored medals in the 96-kilogram weight category. He won the gold medal after lifting 222 kg, achieving silver in the total weight of 394 kg.

And the champion Faris, Faris Ibrahim, confirmed that the competition in the Arab Championship was very strong, especially since all Arab countries were keen to participate in the best lifters and weightlifters. The new weights of the players occurred with the Olympic qualification period from 2022 to Paris 2024.

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