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Mám vždy nejnižší účet za vodu v celém paneláku. Tak já vám ten trik teda prozradím

I always have the lowest water bill in the entire building of the apartments. So I’ll tell you the trick

Each of us would like to have a lower energy bill, especially at a time when prices are generally rising. Saving energy is relatively easy, you just need to learn a few tricks and learn to use water as if it were a precious resource. In addition to your own wallet, you will also benefit the environment.

Frequent consumption with daily habits

You can save water in any situation. It is easier for family homeowners, who have a number of options for using rainwater in the home. Many water-saving activities are also supported by government subsidies, as we may soon find ourselves in a situation where we lose many water sources in our lands as a result of increasing drought. Start treating your water sparingly, and you’ll soon find out when to account for your annual consumption.

Shower for half

Taking a relaxing bath in a bathtub full of water is certainly fun, but if you want to save water, a bathtub shouldn’t be the norm. Treat yourself to a quick shower instead of a hot shower. Water consumption will be reduced by up to two-thirds, cleaning will not be cheated and your skin will benefit too. By replacing the bathtub with a shower, you can save water, as well as the energy needed to heat it.

Wash and clean without water

When you brush your teeth, there is no need for a stream of water to wet your toothbrush in two minutes. With the lever spout, you can easily turn on the water and rinse your mouth until your teeth are completely clean.

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Do the same when washing dishes. You can either wash the dishes in a wet sink or soak the dishes, scrub them really well with a sponge, and then just run the water stream to rinse them off.

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Fully used dishwasher and washing machine

Although you have programs for half loads of laundry and dishes, a fully used dishwasher and washing machine run more efficiently. Do not operate the devices if you do not have enough use for them. Follow the instructions and put as many kilograms of laundry into the washing machine as prescribed for the specific wash programme. Stack them neatly in the dishwasher to use every centimeter of space. Anyone with an older dishwasher and washing machine should consider whether it’s worth investing in new, energy-efficient utilities.

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