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“I am afraid to die alone.” Najwa Fouad fears that she will meet the fate of Tahia Karioka

Amir Fathi wrote on Friday, April 22, 2022 05:43 AM – The Egyptian artist and dancer, Najwa Fouad, revealed that she is afraid of facing the same fate as her compatriot, the late artist Tahia Karioka, who lived her last years in unity and without money.

Najwa Fouad said in her interview with the media, Raghida Shalhoub, on the “Seven Sama” program on Al-Nahar channel, that she recently started talking to the media about her financial situation, saying: “Where is the union? We have to work at this age, not married and pioneering homes, and in medicine and doctors, and every one of them grows up in diseases that come.”

Najwa Fouad added that the expenses of her treatment are not covered by the union’s health insurance, which pays a third of the cost, and said: “Now, the lowest analysis is at 5,000 pounds. He must ask about us from the Ministry of Culture and the Syndicate.”

She confirmed that she did not make a fortune from her work in art, explaining: “We took money, now they take millions and we hear astronomical numbers,” noting that her savings were lost after producing 7 films.

And she continued, “The money went, it was about 7 million pounds, at that time it was a large amount like a billion now, and a billion now is a normal need.”

Najwa Fouad indicated that the artists’ living expenses are high, and that she is currently living in a rented house after selling her property, and said: “I was selling and producing, selling and working in shows.”

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And she talked about spending exorbitant sums of money to put decorations in the nightclubs in which she worked, and added: “I put an electric elevator in the Night Club, and a cinema screen because I loved someone to introduce me, and I admit that I was wrong, she was taking the lights and pulling me.”

Najwa Fouad said that she is not suffering from financial hardship, but she is afraid that she will spend the rest of her savings and not find her sales expenses, and she is also afraid that she will die without anyone noticing.