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Cestovatel Ladislav Zibura v Pošumaví.

I am happy with the Czech sense of humor, says Ladislav Zebora, who has traveled to the Czech Republic

Ladislav Zibura embarked on a two-month vacation trip through the Czech Republic. He had been planning it for years, but it wasn’t until last summer that he brought it up. “For the first time in my life, I bought a car, like this hilarious Japanese cube. I planned some adventures, took a hike, talked a lot to people on the street … and tried the rest by chance,” he describes his summer adventures.

Spent the night in boarding houses. Because he arranges his residence for that day, sometimes there is a problem. “Everything was hopelessly full. But I also like to sleep under the umbrella, so I slept a few times in a nice place outside,” Boudjak recalls.

How do I choose where to go? “I asked my friends as well as people on social networks to recommend unusual places in their surroundings to visit,” says Ladislav Zebora. And so he had something to choose from. He also added places linked to historical events that interest him. He searched, for example, for the story of the peasants from Klumec nad Sedlino, to the famous battle site, Sodomy, or the story of the thief Gracel in Slavones.

The Czechs were friendly

Once again, as is usual with Ladislav Zibura, get in touch with the locals. It is said that the Czechs weren’t bothersome. “I think it’s an unnecessary stereotype we have of ourselves. Everyone has a good mood especially during the holidays. You come across willing and friendly people, just like anywhere else in the world, when you smile at yourself,” the traveler refuses, adding: “But there is something interesting that I ran into. All over Europe. People are very sensitive to their privacy. They would be happy to talk to you, but they really hesitate to have anyone write about them in a book. But I was relying on it. “

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Loves to explore what makes people unique. He is interested in their work, family history, and unusual hobbies. “I am also very happy with the Czech’s sense of humor. Ladislav Zebora thinks being able to hide everything in a perfectly normal conversation is a lot of fun.” He looked for regional stories and unusual matters. “I tried to capture what makes each area unique. I was also very happy to let the locals recommend where to go,” the traveler explains. He also likes to talk to people about things in common. “When you estimate if they are in the mood for it, it makes them happy. You will learn a lot of interesting things,” he explains.

The holiday book will be published in the Czech Republic in October this year, and it is scheduled to be published in September. With 350 pages of text and 70 illustrations, it will be the longest title written by Ladislav Zebora to date. He adds: “It does not look like this, but the Czechs are very large when you want to visit all regions.”

Czech with anyone

He considers it an advantage that he can have fun with anyone. “I always find out more often than older people who don’t speak English often. This problem has fallen off.” However, it is difficult to estimate what the reader already knows about the book about the Czech Republic. “This is why I try to write the book so that no one gets bored. I describe unknown places, often just local curiosity. I also tried to track what defines Czechs, and again not much has been written about them,” says the traveler.

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Ladislav Zebora also calls its beloved habitat the South among its favorite places. “It’s an area with a lot of free space everywhere, and you can easily be on your own,” he praises.

And what awaits Ladislav Zibura next? “Ten years later, I would like to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela again, and one’s heart will grow. Two years ago, I also took my father to Nepal, and this time I promised to visit Africa together. And in the summer I would like to catch up with Portugal. So we hope that the vaccination will be Alright now, ”says the adventurer at the end.