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أخبار العالم : ممثلة بريطانية: أنا يهودية وأرفض وجود دولة إسرائيل (فيديو)

I am Jewish and I reject the existence of the State of Israel (video)

Thursday January 20 2022 03:25 AM

British-Australian actress Miriam Margulies

British-Australian actress Miriam Margulies announced her support for “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson in her stance on the Palestinian cause, which has sparked a lot of controversy recently.

Margulies said in an interview published by

” target=”_blank”>British Middle East Eye She is Jewish, but she does not believe that the State of Israel should have been established because the way to that cost the lives and lands of another people, and this is not fair.

She added that the Israelis are trying to clamp down on expressions of support for Palestine, because they feel that public opinion is turning against them in this regard.

Margulies pointed out that Watson’s supportive position for Palestine, which recently caused Israel to be disturbed to the point of accusing it of anti-Semitism by Israeli officials, is “a wonderful position and it is normal for the Israelis to react as well. They do not like any criticism, but rather believe that any criticism of Israel It is anti-Semitism… In fact, there is a confusion between the two things… meaning that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, which is not true.”

She added: “Emma Watson did nothing wrong, she spoke from her heart, and I salute that.”

The British actress pointed out that “we should be able to criticize Israel… I am Jewish and I have never hidden it.” I think that Israel should not have been established because the way to achieve this has led to people losing their lives and their lands, and this is not fair.”

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She said, “I do not believe that Israel should be thrown into the sea or that anyone should be killed.. This is not a solution.. But I would like to see a change in actions towards the Palestinians.”

Regarding a previous visit she made to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, Margulies said, “My commitment to Palestine is not a political commitment, it is a humanitarian commitment, and it came as a result of what I saw for myself of the tragedy and deprivation caused by the Israelis to the Palestinians. It was not something I read about or heard about, but rather it is something I watched it myself… and when you see things for yourself, they have a strong influence on you.”

She said that her attitude towards the Palestinians led to her being called the ugliest, despite her being Jewish, as she was accused of ‘fascist, anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic and treacherous’.

Source: “Middle East Eye”