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I am looking for the superstar Barbie. Mattel wants to recycle clouds and create new ones from them

Barbie Mattel
| picture: Barbie archive, Mattel

The company decided to take this step as part of its efforts to preserve the sustainability features. In the past, Mattel has been committed to ensuring that all toys are made from recycled, biological, or recyclable materials. The same should happen with all gaming packaging and this bundle should be achieved by 2030 at the latest.

People can participate in the challenge by saying this Stern They’ll print a dot on Mattel, which will put the toys on the package, and then send it to Mattel. There, the clouds are broken down by type and material and subsequently recycled. Materials that cannot be recycled into other plastic products will be incorporated or converted into energy.

We have the opportunity to prevent old clouds from reaching warehouses, and to create a new efficient circular economy model, in order to CNN Pamela Gil-Alabasteroff, who broke up at Mattel D on sustainability.

With the onset of the epidemic, there was a huge demand for new toys, as parents tried to find new disposal for children who had stayed at home during the lockdown. Therefore, large companies are starting to consider how to make newly designed games more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

Mattel also includes Barbie, Matchbox, and MEGA characters in the recycling program. This service will only be available in the USA and Canada, but similar programs are being developed in the UK, France and Germany and could spread to other countries in the future.

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