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I am not above. An influential Irish cleric is set to fight for the presidency

Conservative f rnsk Justice, Rev. Ephraim Ross. (April 29, 2017)
| Photo: Reuters

An independent (candidate) Bichsm, Rasho rnsk cited the media for making changes in the country and fighting poverty, corruption, punishment and discrimination.

When the spiritual leader Azadol al-Khamenei was appointed to the post last year, Fem rnsk justice became a pioneer. According to Reuters, Rasm is referred to as the heir apparent of Iodol. Ross did not run for president until those years ago.

As a candidate for the current election, it was registered by a former parliamentary speaker who negotiated the Al Lord nuclear program, once considered a hunter-gatherer, as a way to combine moderate and conservative elections.

The political and secular preconditions for running for president are set by a 12-member commission. est only names them as Saman.

According to Reuters, dissatisfaction with the country’s economic situation is growing. Because of this mindset, the volume may be less than you would like as a clergyman. The economy has been paralyzed by US sanctions as Washington renewed its sweat over its withdrawal from a nuclear deal with Germany three years ago.

Here in 2015 the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, France and Germany concluded agreements with Tehran. Tehran has been silenced by anti-military sanctions in exchange for reducing its nuclear ambitions and the idea that it will not develop nuclear weapons.

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