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I am the best player in the world

The Egyptian King, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, confirmed that he always sees himself as the best player in the world, and that many fans see him as the best.

During an interview with an Arab sports channel, Mo Salah said: “All the time I see myself as the best player in the world, in order to reach all the numbers I want to achieve. There are those who see that I am the best in the world, and some choose another player, in the end they are opinions and views a personality”.

He added, “I always try to put myself under pressure to do my best to help the team, because my goals make me happy if I contribute to the team’s victory, and sometimes I am lucky, and I try to give everything I have for the team.”

He continued, “In the English Premier League there are the best players in the world, you must have the ability to win individual trophies and trophies, there is nothing easy in the Premier League.”

He continued: “Last season was not bad for me, despite what Liverpool suffered. I tried to help the team as much as possible, and indeed I managed to, and we achieved third place in the Premier League.”

He stressed, “The strong start of the Reds this season is very important in the long journey to compete for the league title. Liverpool will compete for all championships. We are used to that in this club, because Liverpool remains a championship club.”

The Egyptian king said: “I feel proud that I became the historical top scorer for African players in the English Premier League, surpassing Didier Drogba, which is great for me, and I am very happy with him. I proved myself in the Premier League and I can score goals and create them.”

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