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I asked the EU to expel Russian diplomats, Hamzek says

I asked the EU to expel Russian diplomats, Hamzek says

“We really appreciate the voice of the United Kingdom, and we see the support of the rest of the European Union and the United States. Of course, we want to hear the unity. I asked my colleagues to consider expelling other Russian representatives operating in my region,” he told Sky News.

He said it was up to the allies to choose which format. “We are asking for solidarity with the diplomats, either verbally or expelling them,” Hamek said, recalling that after an attempt to poison the British agent Sergei Skribal in Salisbury, Chekhov expelled three Russian diplomatic collaborators in solidarity with Britain.

After the meeting, Borel, the high commissioner for foreign affairs and security policy, said Hamik had not asked for a joint response. But apparently it is a misunderstanding.

“The European Union stands behind the Czech Republic in solidarity and solidarity,” Borel said. However, the concerted evidence of diplomats, for example, that the poisoning of dual agent Sergei Skribal by Russian reporters in Britain is not currently on the agenda. “But that could change,” Borel added.

According to him, Bratislava worries that Czech citizens are subject to “actions that have a major impact on their security.” Gorok also stressed the importance of long-term cooperation between the EU secret services in this context.

Bulgaria has provided assistance in the investigation

At the start of the meeting on Monday, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry said that all the ministers had expressed “full solidarity” with the Czech Republic over “the activities of the Russian secret services in its territory in 2014”. At that time, two people were killed in an explosion at an ammunition depot near the Moravian village.

Bulgarian Minister Ekaterina Sakarev assisted the Czech Republic in assisting local security forces in investigating the case. “Russia’s violation of Czech sovereignty is completely unacceptable,” the minister said on Twitter.

Bulgaria was supposed to target a portion of the explosives from the Czech Republic, according to media reports, while Russian reporters tried to confirm that one of the two explosions had occurred in this country.