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I blatantly interfered in Tunisia

I blatantly interfered in Tunisia

Tunisian President Kais Saied ordered the immediate expulsion of the members of the “Venice Commission” from the country and the withdrawal of Tunisia’s membership from it, due to what was considered a blatant interference by it in its internal affairs and an attack on its national sovereignty.

Saied’s decision came in response to a report issued by the commission on the situation in Tunisia, in which it criticized the measures taken by President Kais Saied since July 25 last year, mainly the referendum and parliamentary elections.

The committee said that parliamentary elections should be held as soon as possible in order to refocus parliament, before organizing the referendum, and indicated the need to conduct a revision of the electoral law, provided that it be preceded by extensive consultations that include political forces and civil society components in order to reach consensus on electoral rules. .

The commission considered that the Independent Electoral Commission should undertake its previous composition before revising its basic law, to supervise these elections.

The President of Tunisia strongly criticized this report, and considered, during his meeting with Foreign Minister Othman Al-Jarandi, on Monday evening, that this constitutes “blatant and unacceptable interference in Tunisian affairs,” adding that Tunisia does not need its assistance because it has its own laws and is able to manage its affairs on its own.

Saeed added, “Our sovereignty is not subject to bargaining. What does it mean for a woman to come and talk about the re-election, and that the referendum be held on the date and in the manner they specify?”

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He continued, “Those who are in Tunisia from this committee should leave immediately, they are persona non grata, and if necessary we will terminate our membership in this committee, stressing that the constitution will be drawn up by Tunisians and will not be placed in Venice.”

The Venice Commission is an advisory organ of the Council of Europe on constitutional issues, whose functions are to provide assistance and advice to countries on constitutional and legal matters, and its members are professors of constitutional law or judges of the Supreme Court or Constitutional Courts.