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I can already hear the experts in our country … The Czech hockey coach has complained about the referee after falling apart with the Finns.


“Now, shortly after the match, I am very sorry that the season was not as usual. The boys should be playing with great teams. Although I can already hear the experts in our country say that we lost it in the end. I regret not having Hlinka (Hlinka Championship). Gretzky Cup), the fifth tournaments, because this team already has its mental strength and the games. They follow the system very well and it is a pity that we did not get a reward today., Which the Finns decided with the goal of playing third power 19 seconds before the end.

The 47-year-old admitted that a few Czech exceptions were not necessary, but paused about the performances of referees Christopher Holm and Peter Schlettenhardt. “Something similar happened to me in the last group game in my twenties and I don’t think it was okay. But when it is supposed to happen, it is better when it happens in the group. I think we will participate in the qualifiers now,” Peter said. Smarter in some things. “

But he tried to evaluate the match without emotion. He admitted: “I have been known to have affairs at press conferences, so I try very hard not to be emotional.” We have a great coaching team here, and when Karel Mlejnek (the coach of the U-20 national team) came into the booth with a video coach, there were so many moments that It affected the match. I’m not convinced it was. All errors. But our stupidity is that “we had to go by three or four,” Peter said.

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Collapse! Czech youth reached the Hockey World Cup after their second victory, and in the end there was a shock

He described the Czech game midway through the third game as a decisive moment that ended prematurely after a minute by eliminating Jakob Altrichter. “We should have decided, or at least ended it without a goal. But then suddenly he turned around and played three consecutive weaknesses. Finland has now not gone into the power game, but we know their strength and assume that after ten untapped players with the players they have, I don’t want to make up.” Excuses for that, it’s our stupidity, but the boys clearly proved they are a better team, ”Peter said.

Barring exclusion, he was content with a game that counts. “We knew the Finns had played yesterday’s game with Russia, which went in overtime, but today I think it was a completely different style of match. I am very happy that we proved our philosophy that we should play active hockey.” This is not true, as it is still said. We are unable to play scraper hockey. But there’s no bun on the cake, and no result we really wanted, but today there was a hockey style we’re trying to do, ” Peter said.

Tragedy! We totally succeed, young Czech hockey guys are upset by the finally blast with the Finns

According to him, the resulting bugs belong to the game. “If we stand in the central region, we will probably not make mistakes and squeeze all our fingers not to score. We wanted to be energetic and I think it is good for their future. This, in my opinion, is the path to superpowers. To stay under their skin and be active. From a point of view, Training, I’m satisfied, “added the Czech coach.

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