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“I could not imagine doing this.” Amr Youssef responds to Mohamed Ramadan (my details

“I could not imagine doing this.” Amr Youssef responds to Mohamed Ramadan (my details

01:10 AM

Monday 11 April 2022

Books – Hani Saber:

In April 2021, the United Media Services Company announced the suspension of the series “King Ahmose” for the star Amr Youssef, which was scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021, about the novel “The Good Struggle” by the international writer Naguib Mahfouz, a scenario and dialogue by Mohamed, Khaled and Sherine Diab, and directed by Hussein Manbawi.

At the time, the company decided, according to an official statement issued by it, to form an urgent committee of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology, in order to watch the series, review the entire script and express an objective and professional opinion.

Mohamed Ramadan’s position

At that time, the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, entered the crisis line of the series “King Ahmose”, through a post on his personal accounts, in which he referred to his presentation of the character “Ahmose” in a movie.

Ramadan, at the time, published a video of the Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, who indicated that Ramadan is the most appropriate in terms of its features to embody the character of “Ahmose”.

Ramadan commented, “A testimony that I am proud of from the Egyptian archaeologist and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs Zahi Hawass, and with your promise, God willing, we will make a world-class movie worthy of our great history, Muhammad Ramadan, Ahmose 2023.”

Amr Youssef replied to Mohamed Ramadan

Having been silent since April 2021; The artist Amr Youssef responded to Muhammad Ramadan’s statements about his embodiment of the character of Ahmose on the “Ink Secret” program on the “Cairo and the People” channel, saying: “I am upset when Muhammad Ramadan said he would work (Ahmose), but if I were in his place, I wouldn’t like that, and the true way of thinking is far from the way My thinking and my upbringing.

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And he continued, that it is not correct for a colleague to be in a problem or a work pitfall and a colleague comes out and makes an inappropriate statement, continuing: “It is not possible for someone to remain a colleague in a pitfall and a problem like this, and I came to say that, and I could not imagine someone coming out and saying that.”

He added, “I am not upset with Muhammad Ramadan over his statement, but I can’t imagine doing this and strange to my upbringing, but it is our Lord who guides him and leaves him in the best places.”

The star, Mohamed Ramadan, is currently showing the series “Al-Meshwar” with star Dina El-Sherbiny and director Mohamed Yassin.