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اخبار الفن و اخبار الفنانين : عمرو أديب عن لقاء محمد صلاح: مكنتش أحلم بربع ردود الأفعال

I couldn’t dream of a quarter of the reactions

Art News Art News and Artists News: Amr Adib on meeting Mohamed Salah: I did not dream of a quarter of the reactions Source of the news – Art News – in art with news details Amr Adib on meeting Mohamed Salah: I did not dream of a quarter of the reactions:

Art News Today, through the media, Amr Adib, expressed his happiness to meet Mohamed Salah, and said that he did not expect the reactions he received after the end of the episode.

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Adeeb said on his “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, “I could not dream of the text of the reaction that happened, and the high reaction, of course, has nothing to do with the mother of Mohamed Salah, whom the whole world cares about his news.”

He added, “What happened has something to do with the star, the role model, the successful person in the struggle, the symbol of Arab and global youth. How are you in ten years in a Western society that is difficult to reach and remain the best?”

Regarding the reactions, he said, “The meeting, 10 or 12 hours after his appearance on a witness, provoked a lot of reactions, and what stopped in front of him was not the internal reactions, but I stopped with much joy for Mohamed Salah and myself, because suddenly I found the world media quoting Mohamed Salah and I remained in the international press because of Mohamed Salah”

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And he continued, “People will tell you, they knew where we downloaded the dialogue with translation, and on Indian, Chinese and German sites, it was reported and there were international reactions, not because of it, but I remain clear that it is because of Mohamed Salah.”

It is noteworthy that the meeting of Amr Adib and Mohamed Salah sparked great reactions and the audience’s interaction with the meeting on social media platforms for a long time after the end of the dialogue.

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