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I discovered his betrayal, so I targeted what hurts the man the most

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Their plot is great.. they slander a British young woman, who took revenge on her lover, who she discovered one night was cheating on her. She targeted what hurts men the most. She went to his Amazon account, bought movies worth about $700, and spent her nights watching and laughing.

The young woman, Lauren Lilly, and the young man and Nathan Smith, were together for more than two years, and one day an inner feeling made her believe that he was cheating on her, so she searched his phone and confirmed that he was unfaithful to her, according to the “Russia Today” website.

As a result, she kicked him out of the house, got rid of all his belongings, and then suffered for days of intense sadness and constant crying, only to suddenly realize that she could still access his personal account on Amazon for shopping, as she had done before their separation.

The young nurse, aged 29, decided to take revenge on the traitor of her ex-boyfriend, by “hitting him where it hurts”, so she entered his account on “Amazon Prime” and bought 500 pounds (about 700 dollars), several films, then She sat in bed watching her and laughing at the intensity of her revenge.

Lauren said, “It’s a creative way to get revenge on someone. I enjoyed doing it. I will definitely tell my grandchildren about it.. I thought it was true, I bought a lot of movies with titles deceiving or disrespectful.. I bought ‘cheater’, ‘prankster’.” ‘The Unworthy’ and ‘The Liar’ were all the names of Bollywood films.”

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She added: “I was sitting in bed crying and laughing… I ended up collecting £500 movies, before he noticed and removed me from his Amazon account.”