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I don't agree with the saying "his palin is a liar."

I don’t agree with the saying “his palin is a liar.”

Her features and her wit made the audience love her appearance on the screen as a media person. She has many experiences in acting, including experiences in which she appeared as a guest of honor with her true personality, but in “The 45 Rules of Divorce” she was an actress and presented the character “Lana” with whom the audience interacted greatly, although the Her character in the work is close to her real one.

It is the media and artist Sally Shaheen, who confirmed that acting is not easy, as some believe, and she was in a state of anxiety during her first professional dramatic experience, despite her habit of standing in front of the camera 20 years ago, so Shaheen revealed to “Al” the scenes of this work, and her preparations Personality, and its cooperation with the work team.

Sally Shaheen

* What are the reasons for your approach to acting through “The 45 Rules of Divorce”?

** I do not like to walk at the same pace and this is evident through my programs, as I presented talk shows, entertainment programs and games alongside news and social programs, they do not resemble each other, so I decided to go through the experiment with the aim of knocking on a new door, and the fact that this character also prompted me to agree. I found her similar to me in the way she spoke and dressed, but her behavior did not resemble me at all. From the outside, the character appears to live her life comfortably away from the constraints of society, but from the inside she is peaceful and loves her friends and those around her, but she does not know how to help herself.

* Didn’t you feel afraid to take that step?

**Of course, it is my first professional experience in the world of acting, after providing small roles in a number of series, including “Miss Farah”, and I also participated in “Moslaselico” as a presenter, but I do not consider it acting, and I also received several training courses in acting during The past 15 years with Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Tammam, Ahmed Maher and Marwa Jibril, with the aim of learning new skills for me, and of course I was afraid of mistakes, but the work makers treated me with all friendliness and gave me a great opportunity to express, especially since it is an experience completely different from my work as a broadcaster 20 years ago, there is a difference Big Benny is an actress and as a broadcaster because acting requires more effort and not focus with the movement of the camera, while one of the main tasks of the announcer is to focus with the camera.

The 45 Rules of Divorce series

The 45 Rules of Divorce series

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I overcame these and other difficulties with the help of the director and reading the script more than once, and what made me feel the ease of the role is the language of dialogue with the director and author, in addition to the fact that the comedy at work does not depend on slander, but rather the comedy of the situation without making up, in addition to my constant concern during filming. I have to appear natural on the screen, especially since the actor must present the role in the manner that he defines and draws its own framework.

* The work is based on the format of a foreign series.. Have you seen it? Is your role in the Arabic version different from foreign work?

**Of course, I watched some episodes before I started filming the Arabic version of it, in order to stay away from simulating the original character, but it caught my attention that the Arabic version is completely different from the foreign version in terms of customs and traditions, so the Egyptianization of the work made it simple and its goal is clear, which is to discuss the psychology of spouses after Divorce, and the consequences of this decision so that the children do not become victims, so the issue must be presented and discussed in a light way so that it reaches the public quickly.

This is in addition to the presence of some additions based on the director’s vision and each role and his appropriate dramatic line, and my role was completely different from the foreign version already.

Sally Shaheen

Sally Shaheen

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How was the backstage work?

** When the series was shown to me, I was afraid of the idea and the experience, although I had a relationship with Engy Al-Mokadam and Heidi, but it was simple through the interviews in the program, but since the first scenes with them in the series, my fear disappeared, although the first scene I presented was difficult, but Engy Al-Mokadam, who I present in front of her the scene that supported me and prepared the atmosphere around me in order to focus and not be distracted until I was reassured, although she is not required to do so, but she is a good person and she supported me a lot, as well as director Mustafa Abu Seif, who has a different vision and indeed I feel lucky that this work is one of my first works, and the truth The scenes were very fun and there is no competition between her and the heroines of the work but the whole atmosphere was full of love, understanding and help.

Sally Shaheen

Sally Shaheen

* Were you not afraid of the length of the series and the possibility of the audience getting bored?

** Absolutely, because I watch series with 150 episodes, so there are fans like me who love long works, and until now I treat as a viewer and not an actress, and the evidence for this is the audience’s reaction to the work and to my role as well. It achieved distinct reactions that I did not expect, because it is a complex character The viewer coexists with it, and what pleased me the most was that the audience accepted me as an actress.

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Are you thinking of leaving presenting and focusing on acting?

** Final.. If I had intended to do so, I would have made a decision to stay away from the media field 16 years ago. I have been receiving many acting offers since my childhood, but I would apologize for not participating in them, because of my desire to focus in the media, which I will never leave, as I have many different programs, and I will not leave my primary profession, but I do not mind doing work alongside it, and I do not agree with such as “Sahib Palin Kaddab”, and I am not the first broadcaster to turn to acting, but there are great names and statures that preceded me in that before and people welcomed them with welcome Like the announcer Najwa Ibrahim.

* Will you repeat the experience again?

** Certainly, but I hope to present various characters during the coming period, and not to be exclusively in one color according to my features, I have no objection to presenting popular characters, because I love them so much, I do not rely on my features in acting.