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I don’t claim to know the unseen but this is what will happen | Newspaper

The school year in Kuwait will start in about a month, and I will expect you a lot of things that will happen at its beginning, especially during the first two weeks!

I am neither a astrologer nor a magician, and the veil is not revealed to me, but I have 20 years of experience with the Ministry of Education as a guardian, and as we say in Kuwait, “knead them and bake them.”

1- There will be many absences in the teaching staff, either because of travel obstacles such as stranded teachers, or due to health conditions that some teachers are going through, or some teachers who refuse to be vaccinated and tested.

2- Education will resort to a genius solution, which is to ask these teachers to teach from their homes or from their countries wherever they are, meaning “distance education.”

3- But, and focus for me here on this “but,” the ministry will continue to ask students to come to school with the condition that they bring an iPad or a laptop to receive the remote lesson at school from the teacher who will appear on their device screens.

4- Those who do not bring a device to school will be considered absent.

5- Students and their parents will object. As long as the invitation is remote teaching, why insist on bringing them from home? The situation will be mixed.


1- Hundreds of unvaccinated male and female students will attend schools and the school will refuse to receive them, and there will be a big commotion in the beginning with gatherings of unvaccinated students who were dropped by their parents in front of the school and walked.

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2- In the end, the two parties will surrender and everyone agree that the unvaccinated ones will have the lessons recorded for them and broadcast on the school’s website.

3- Many teachers will reject this matter under the pretext of “we do what, what and what.” I have a curriculum, which I am required to finish in half the previous period, when will I have time to register and follow up on students who are not in front of me?

4- The vaccinated students will also object and say is this our reward for hearing your words and receiving the vaccination. Do you reward those who are not vaccinated by sitting at home and studying remotely while you withdraw us 3 days a week at school?

The result is also a mixture.

A final point: The solution is distance education for the first semester for everyone.. It is enough perseverance.

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