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I got a “sofa” for was a loud surprise

T + T – normal size

A California woman found $36,000 hidden inside sofa cushions she got for free from a classifieds site, but quickly returned the money to its owners.

Vicki Omodo was looking for furniture for her new home for a pittance and she found this free sofa.

“I just moved here and I don’t have any furniture,” she told local ABC7 from her home in Colton, near Los Angeles.

But as soon as she got home, Omodo noticed an unusual bulge in one of the pillows, and when she examined it she found several envelopes full of money, each containing thousands of dollars.

Omodo contacted the family, who gave her the sofa to inform her of the money and return it to her.

As for the family that was emptying the house of a recently deceased relative, they confirmed that they were not aware of the existence of this money or its source.

But in order to thank Omodo, who demonstrated exemplary integrity, the family gave her more than $2,000, enough to buy a new fridge she needed. “I wasn’t expecting a cent,” the woman said.


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