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“I hate her.” Whom did Yousra open fire on?

With extreme intensity, which contradicts her usual style, the artist, Yousra, launched a sharp attack on social networking sites and her pioneers who interacted negatively with all events and violators of privacy, as she said.

Yousra expressed, during a television interview, her dissatisfaction with the pioneers of social networking sites, and about fame and its impact on artists and the interference in their privacy.

“just demons”

Yousra revealed her feelings about social media, saying, “I hate her,” pointing out that fame is not for all people, saying: “The audience judges the artist all the time, and they take on the appearance of angels, and in their view we become mere demons without knowing the details, and this is the worst thing about social networking sites.” So I hate her, because you can’t please everyone.”

The Egyptian artist indicated that the audience invades the lives of the artists to the extent that she sometimes hides behind the mask so that no one will recognize her, explaining that at that time she is so exhausted that she cannot smile, saying: “We are not happy all the time.”

We are not criticized for wearing a bikini.

And she continued, “We receive more criticism now than we received 30 or 40 years ago. In the past, no one criticized us for wearing a bikini, and we enjoyed freedom and privacy before the advent of social networking sites.”

Yousra expressed her strong dissatisfaction with those who cut her speech and publish what they like from it, noting that this is completely inconsistent with etiquette and ethics.

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In the conclusion of her speech, she confirmed that she must bear everything that happens because she chose fame, and she is fully aware that she has flaws, pointing out that she does not blame anyone because she loves and respects everything she offers.