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I love listening to moderators, says Edita Kudlashova, the first Czech woman to reach a high position in the European Broadcasting Union

I love listening to moderators, says Edita Kudlashova, the first Czech woman to reach a high position in the European Broadcasting Union

Photo: Kateřina Křenová, Czech Radio

“I joined the radio 12 years ago. Since the age of twelve or thirteen, I listen to various foreign radio stations. At that time, for example, I listened to BBC 6 Music and FM4 by ORF, so I learned English. After studying American studies And Dutch literature, I thought about the job I like the most and thought there might be fun on the radio. “

Until recently, I was the main producer of the Creative Hub on Czech Radio. What was your job exactly?

“We formed the team together five years ago. Its mission was to invent various innovations and thus create a kind of bridge between international trends and Czech radio. The main objective was to inform editors-in-chief and radio staff what was interesting and useful in new trends.”

Illustrative image: BedexpStock, Pixabay, CC0

You have definitely gone through many changes during your time on the radio. Which is the most important in your opinion?

“Absolutely a podcast. I am not saying this just because this concept has always been part of the demand. Most amazing is the process of promoting and marketing podcasts in recent years. Five years ago, when we were making our first podcast, everyone told me that the idea of ​​not listening to the podcast was a bad idea. I often listen to music happily, always thinking, and from my own opinion that Spotify will someday replace radio and the role of radio in the music scene. But I see in myself that I still need someone to recommend me good music. I may be old and conservative, but I still love listening to psychics saying what’s good and what’s not, and what I like. For me, this is a sign that the radio will always be here. “

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When you think about it all over the world, which broadcast media do you think is doing a good job? I can think of the BBC in Britain and the National Public Radio in the United States.

Illustrative Image: René Bittner, Pixabay, CC0

“In Europe, I recently liked Radio France for its content dedicated to children. Thanks to it, children are back to hear again. The content for young children, including good night tales or even podcasts for reflection, is really cool, they do a lot. I think it’s a very open and progressive approach of Radio France, I love it.

I also find the work of CBC production teams in Canada and ABC in Australia very interesting. I am in contact with the members of these teams via email, as I was lucky enough to meet them in person. The way they present new authors, the open discussions on various topics and play around with them prove that they are doing a really good job in this area. ”

Graham Dickson |  Foto: YouTube kanál European Broadcasting Union

Tell us about your new job at the European Broadcasting Union. You are the first Czech to reach this high position.

“Yes. I think a lot of Czechs have already worked there, but in engineering and production jobs. I am the first Czech to hold a management position within EBU. It’s exciting, but at the same time I consider it a big commitment. I’m going to broadcast the radio. I succeeded Graham Dixon, who was Editor-in-chief of BBC Radio 3 and then worked for five or six years as a director of broadcasting. He did a great job. If he didn’t retire, I don’t think I would take the position from him. He worked hard to keep people listening to the radio while I drove. Even if you had it. Internet in your car, the radio is still there, and it’s not just Spotify. We want to open a wider discussion about online podcast formats for public service broadcasting and thus bypass the digital environment. “

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EBU in Geneva Photo: UN Geneva, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What is the practical side of the job opportunity at this time of life? As far as I know, EBU is headquartered in Geneva.

“I can say for sure that no business trips or conferences have been planned at least until June. Everything will be online. I think it will help me find my rhythm at work. At the same time, it will be much more complicated that I will not be on Personal contact with people who are distributed all over Europe.Conferences and similar events must start again from September, and at the same time we must start traveling again. “