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"I Love You" by Tamer Hosni .. Why did he raise criticism despite his revenues?

“I Love You” by Tamer Hosni .. Why did he raise criticism despite his revenues?

Considered an art critic Tariq El-Shennawy Hosni is “a star who has attractiveness at the box office, as evidenced by the success of his previous concerts and films,” stressing that his name has a payoff in the Egyptian and Arab streets, and therefore when presenting a work of art there is confidence in the public turnout for it.

But Al-Shennawi advised Hosni, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”, to have an artistic heritage that lives for long periods, and to use a professional writer and director in order to achieve the desired success, and he gave an example of the late artist Abdel Halim Hafez, who had experiences in composing and playing, and despite that. He used specialists to give him the addition to his work.

Al-Shennawi also urged Hosni to “focus on singing”, considering that being “understands in directing, writing and drama is an important matter that should be added, but that does not mean that he is the director or author.”

Eid movie mix

In the same context, art critic Ahmed Saad El-Din believes that the movie “Bahebak” is characterized by the presence of “a mixture of Eid films, as there is a comic aspect and another romantic, and the hero is a singer, there are video songs. Cinema visitors like to watch joyful works on holidays, as well as the presence of an audience for Tamer Hosni who moves With him, from rap and music to the movie, which explain the rise in his revenues.

But Saad El-Din told Sky News Arabia, “The future must be read from the past, as we find a few actors who were heroes and directors and achieved successes such as Youssef Shaheenbut at the present time it is difficult to achieve this, because one of the director’s tasks is to direct the actor, and when Tamer enters the field of acting, he needs a strong director to direct him, and as long as he will be the director and actor, there will certainly be many problems, which explains the commercial success of the film with his need to reconsider greatly from aspect of technical evaluation.

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In general, Saad El-Din confirms that “cinema benefits from the singer, and the singer loves acting, but he must Tamer Hosny (My hand is for his baker) as the Egyptian proverb says, by assigning the film to a strong director and a strong writer to make a star, but if he wants to do everything himself, he will succeed at first and then decline after that, and the revenue window is not a measure because the audience who watched the movie is the audience of rapture and not Drama”.

And the art critic adds: “Currently, there is a problem that the star is overpowering the director and is looking for an executive director only, and it is a problem that is due to directors who allow star actors to oppress their roles, which was not allowed in the past, but this phenomenon caused the downfall of A number of stars, such as Mohamed Saad, whose interference in everything weakened his work. The director’s personality is no longer the same except in a few cases, such as Sherif Arafa and Marwan Hamed.

Saad El-Din also points out, “Another problem is that the text is detailed for the actor, as the text is no longer written and we are looking for actors for him, which makes the artwork not good.”